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Diverge Cardigan "Crow"

Diverge Cardigan "Crow"

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All the FieldTriip logos scattered are a representation of Me's I used to be - the logo contrasting from the rest is the "Me" that diverged from what I thought would never change. I know what it feels like to feel stuck in life, and times I still do - it takes that first step to change the whole pattern (wordplay on "pattern", hence the repeating pattern on the sweater). This small collection is a reflection of that and a reminder and encouragement that things do not have to stay the same if you want them to.


100% Heavy Cotton Jacquard Knit Cardigan

2x2 Ribbed Placket, Cuffs and Waist

4 x 4-hole buttons with Rim Heavy weight self for added warmth

Size Measurements

Small: Body Length - 26" , Chest - 20"

Medium: Body Length - 27" , Chest - 20.8"

Large: Body Length - 28" , Chest - 21.6"

Extra Large: Body Length - 29" , Chest - 22.4"

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