I noticed this lack of connection to sustainable streetwear and vibrant statement-making street style. There didn’t seem to be anyone else doing anything about it, so I made Aadhe, a sustainable streetwear fashion brand, with an inclusive and socially conscious mindset.

    - Aman Gill, Creative Director

    Aadhe is a streetwear lifestyle brand, inspired by street style. We focus on vibrant, statement-making, sustainable clothing, accessories, and artwork.All our products are made to order. All artwork is exclusive to Aadhe and made by us.We are a streetwear fashion house that wants to create a safer space for BIPOC Queer activism in the fashion industry.An Aadhe event is a party for the multidisciplinary artistic collective of Toronto and friends. They are interactive fashion shows with local music and spoken word poetry. We host parties that celebrate our intersectionality and support local BIPOC Queer talent.  Aadhe events are always free either online or in person. 

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  • Canada Tough

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    Designed For 

    Tough Canadians 

    By Tough Canadians. 

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    Chavah Lindsay is a fashion designer currently residing in Grand Bay-Westfield, Canada. Chavah was trained in garment design and construction at New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in Fredericton, New Brunswick and then continued on to Humber College in Toronto, Ontario to study fashion marketing.  In 2019, Chavah was one of only 16 fashion designers  chosen to participate in the Cashmere Collection; creating a runway ready gown from bathroom tissue. Chavah has shown her collections twice at Atlantic Fashion Week (Canada's largest fashion show east of Montreal) and has had her work featured in HELLO magazine.

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    Since its inception in 2012, Cherith B Designs flourished as a brand that specialized in designing custom evening wear located in Toronto. It has since evolved into creating women’s fashion that embodies the couture feel.The selection ranges fromeveryday separates, bridesmaids, evening wear and custom dresses.

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    ELLIE SANDBACKAdesigns modern and unique men’s and women’s apparel using bold colors and original illustrative designs.

    Established in 2018 for the daring fashion consumer,
    ELLIE SANDBACKA designs are bright and expressive and always evoke a conversation.

    Express your unique style with

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    FieldTriip, created and designed by Caron Rondilla, is based on our mantra “Endless Exploration", in which we love to explore and are inspired by life. We hold dear those memories and through our creations, we immortalize those moments. "Tangible Memories" as what we like to call them, they are essentially souvenirs from our journey. We believe that inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look deep enough to find the beauty in it.

    Our logo was made to be synonymous within fashion and recognizable in the little details of life. It was inspired by the saying “everything and everywhere”. Our logo is an oxymoron, its abstract yet structured. Its primarily letters in a scripted font, arranged within an inverted triangle shape, so if you look closely, the letters resemble “TRiiP”. This shape was inspired by many things we see in nature; water shimmering in sunrise/sunset. Cracks in rocks and mountains. Cloud formations. Journaling is a staple of our design process so we wanted our logo to also look like a hand written signature. Most of all, we wanted a logo that embodies our ethos right when you see it.

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    Florsfashion. The Label was born in 1999. Since Fashion Designer Flor Serrano finished her Fashion Studies, Flor has a been dedicated to make a variety of Designs Ready to Wear for Children , Woman and Men. Any Style of Clothing Requested by Client will be Custom Made. As well the Designer Always focus on Creating her own Collections Ready to Wear. The designer is focus on bringing back the Tailors any Type of creators in the world of Design.

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    We create meaningful street wear rooted in tradition, culture and history. with each piece, we hope to blend modern art and fashion and inspire social consciousness within our community. specifically, the vast amount of forgotten poetry, art, and culture from the middle east & south asia. By connecting the two worlds together, we are hopeful to expose our community to the beauty of different cultures and traditions, and create a new avenue of learning as a choice rather than a lesson.

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    Way up high and way down low is where I find my inspiration. Maybe it was Bowie’s Starman, maybe it was the Apollo mission to the moon, but stars have been twinkling to me all my life. On the ground, the extraterrestrial beauty of mushrooms beckons me. Now, I can’t get enough of their diverse array of shapes and colours.

    Magic indeed.

    I’m Lucia. Born in Canada. Cosmos-inspired, locally grown. With thanks to Baudelaire, my design ethos embraces that “strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty”.

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  • Madaleine Nelson

    Madaleine Nelson was founded in June 2020. Our creator Madaleine Nelson started the brand during the pandemic when her face masks were becoming high demand. Madaleine then took her brand to the next level and released a Spring/Summer 2021 collection. This collection sparked interest with top fashion magazines such as, British Glamour and British Vogue. Madaleine Nelson was featured in British Vogue for the November 2021, December 2021 and January 2022 issues.

    Madaleine Nelson has a small team that hand sews each garment. Every garment is Made to Order as we believe it's important for us to be environmentally and ethically conscious. Being a Made to Order fashion brand means that we don't have an inventory and we only sew what's been ordered.

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    Our Vision is to make women feel empowered and beautiful. Wearing our bespoke designs will always make you feel like a true goddess.

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    Phoenix Ba is a Toronto-based fashion designer, specialized in women’s evening wear and occasional wear.

    Surrounded by fabrics, needles, sheers and chalks, Phoenix was raised by her parents who were pattern drafters and tailors for uniforms and suits. The passion of drawing beautiful dresses and fabricating them for wearing was implanted since then that later Phoenix received her fashion design and technique education at George Brown College, where she also discovered her tremendous interest in surface textile.

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  • Sanaz Doost

    Sanaz Doost Inc is a timeless and modern brand founded by designer Sanaz Doost in Toronto,Canada. Sanaz specialized in creating  meaningful, bold and eye-catching wearable ast pieces for extraordinary people. As a jewelry designer, Sanaz is an expert in pairing form and function into beautiful pieces that are meant to last forever. She gets inspiration from ancient art, culture and architecture and designs all her pieces in 18K solid gold which is her medium to work with as it is timeless, elegant, recyclable and made to last forever and can pass through generations. Care and attention to detail can be seen in all of her pieces, each one with a unique meaningful story and elements to compliment the wearer and add sparkle and flair to any outfit. 

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    Sylvia Zhang is a award-winning jewellery artist and designer, trained in world's top art school-- Central Saint Martins University of Art and Design, UK. She graduated with a Jewellery Design degree in 2014.  She has also finished her Master's Degree at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD University), Canada.

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    ST Creative house is a family company and has started its work in 2013.Toronto-based, Iran born Shaghayegh Tafreshi founded her fashion brand in 2013. With her background in Architecture, Shaghayegh's designs are for modern individuals who want to express themselves creatively. Her designs explore abstract storytelling of human experience in the universe. People who wear her art pieces are willing to share their relation with art, nature and its organic forms and structure."Having had several runway shows in Canada, Shaghayegh creates new designs with distinct quality and timelessness.

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    Dami Junaid is a Third Culture Kid (TCK) who was born in Nigeria but have also lived the majority of her formative years in Niger Republic, England, USA, and Canada.As a TCK, she experienced an identity crisis while navigating the idea of home, which feels like it’s both everywhere and nowhere. When she's in Nigeria, she's considered as not Nigerian enough, and when in the West, she's also not considered Western enough. As a result, she feels like she don’t truly belong anywhere. At the same time, there is an expectation of how she should show up in the world and be defined, which feels like she's being constantly placed in a box.On the other hand, Dami works a Business Analyst during the day and a Fashion entrepreneur during on her free time. Dami started modeling on and off when she was 16 and has participated in pageantry and several runway shows in Boston and New York. She is a self taught fashion designer but primarily manufactures her product in Nigeria as a way to empower the local and also be immersed in her culture.With a background across several industries (healthcare, tech, fashion & business), she enjoys exploring her interests and trying out new ventures. Taloje, which means "who are you" in Yoruba (Nigerian) was born out of a desire to break out of the boxes others try to place her in. She believes that her identity is constantly evolving and as a result embraces her journey wholeheartedly even if it means losing the approval of others. One of such decisions was choosing to go to Business school instead of Medical school, and thus curating a career (in healthcare & tech) that has enabled her to combine all her interests. Her goal with Taloje is to use fashion as a lens to express a full acceptance of herself even if it seems fragmented and not enough to the outside world. Similarly, when customers choose to confidently express themselves through a Talojẹ́ piece, it's their way of saying they are enough in who they are and becoming. Even if their change or swerve may scare others, it’s not about them. Instead, it's about a commitment to show up and allow the full expression of one's authentic self, even if it brings others discomfort. 

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    The Waking Insects is a solar term in lunar calendar which represents the phenomenon of natural creatures that sprout and grow due to seasonal weather changes. As a brand with eco-friendly core concept as its core value, all ideas are related to the word “Nature”. Based on the brand name, the dyeing materials and natural fiber content will be adjusted according to the seasonal changes.Using natural fabrics is our unchanged original  aspiration becuase we appreciate and cherish the gift from our nature.we expect more people to join the team of using natural fabrics with us.

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