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SHOP Fashion Art Toronto is an online shopping destination for bold Canadian fashion and art, with a mission of bringing the excitement of the runway into the consumers closet. Our goal is to maintain our commitment to community, diversity and inclusion while continuously pushing the boundaries of mainstream fashion and highlighting innovation in design. We are committed to fueling the future of art & design in Canada by bringing visibility to emerging local creators and encouraging Canadians to shop local products. 

SHOP Fashion Art Toronto is a cost effective platform for designers and artists to sell and promote their work. With all points of the shopping journey managed by the shop; customers, inventory management, shipping rates and calculation, advertising and promotion. We want to make it as easy as possible for designers and artists to sell their products, bringing together the entire Fashion Art Toronto collective to unify our presence on a global scale. This is a seamless all inclusive virtual platform geared at connecting an entirely new customer base which is currently untapped. 

Being a customer with SHOP Fashion Art Toronto is all about an easy shopping experience that offers innovative pieces, diverse items and sustainable clothing options where purchases go towards sustaining local businesses. Our customers know that diversifying their wardrobe and pulling away from fast fashion is where the future of fashion must go. 


    Unique Products designed for Tough Canadians 

    By Tough Canadians. 

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    Dukiri Apparel is an artist inspired streetwear brand with a focus on creating unique patterns and graphic prints. Designed to appeal to creatives and those with an appreciation for art, what we offer is expressive and plays with colors to create pieces that are irreplaceable. Our mission is to build a global community around our collections with the aim of sharing creativity around the world. Our color scheme is a fun mix of brights and neutrals.

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    "HAUNTS is the Canadian-made label of fashion designer Sarah Haunts. Each garment is handmade by Sarah in her studio in Oakville, ON. Sarah views fashion design as the perfect outlet for her creative spirit and enjoys producing luxuriant garments for clients who appreciate her glamorous bohemian aesthetic.

    We are anti-fast fashion, and our made-to-order production model allows us to avoid fabric waste.

    Sarah earned her diploma in fashion design prior to launching her line. She has presented at numerous fashion shows in the Toronto area, and in 2019 won the Cashmere Couture for the Cure design challenge, competing against 15 other designers from across Canada.​"

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    Flattering, curve enhancing swimwear and women's wear for all heights and body types. Unique bodysuits, one-piece swimsuits, sexy bikinis and resort wear. Custom sizes available. Located downtown Toronto.

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    Way up high and way down low is where I find my inspiration. Maybe it was Bowie’s Starman, maybe it was the Apollo mission to the moon, but stars have been twinkling to me all my life. On the ground, the extraterrestrial beauty of mushrooms beckons me. Now, I can’t get enough of their diverse array of shapes and colours.

    Magic indeed.

    I’m Lucia. Born in Canada. Cosmos-inspired, locally grown. With thanks to Baudelaire, my design ethos embraces that “strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty”.

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    Madaleine Nelson was founded in June 2020. Our creator Madaleine Nelson started the brand during the pandemic when her face masks were becoming high demand. Madaleine then took her brand to the next level and released a Spring/Summer 2021 collection. This collection sparked interest with top fashion magazines such as, British Glamour and British Vogue. Madaleine Nelson was featured in British Vogue for the November 2021, December 2021 and January 2022 issues.

    Madaleine Nelson has a small team that hand sews each garment. Every garment is Made to Order as we believe it's important for us to be environmentally and ethically conscious. Being a Made to Order fashion brand means that we don't have an inventory and we only sew what's been ordered.

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    Phoenix Ba is a Toronto-based fashion designer, specialized in women’s evening wear and occasional wear.

    Surrounded by fabrics, needles, sheers and chalks, Phoenix was raised by her parents who were pattern drafters and tailors for uniforms and suits. The passion of drawing beautiful dresses and fabricating them for wearing was implanted since then that later Phoenix received her fashion design and technique education at George Brown College, where she also discovered her tremendous interest in surface textile.

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    My life has been a roller coaster as I always follow my passion, let it be my work in Technology or Finance, I follow my heart directed by my Brain. In the next few slides, I portray how impactful fashion can be & will be. When we think of Fashion, Men are left behind and Today, I stand with all the different men who has fire beneath to follow their dreams but are restricted due to day-to-day challenges.
    RunwayFashionStreet is a collection to celebrate MEN!!!
    Follow us on Instagram at "RunwayFashionStreet_Toronto"

    Who we are:
    RunwayFashionStreet is a path changing clothing brand that is working towards creating vibrant clothing
    for Men. We see there is a huge space in today’s world for Men to feel more

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    Sanaz Doost Inc is a timeless and modern brand founded by designer Sanaz Doost in Toronto,Canada. Sanaz specialized in creating  meaningful, bold and eye-catching wearable ast pieces for extraordinary people. As a jewelry designer, Sanaz is an expert in pairing form and function into beautiful pieces that are meant to last forever. She gets inspiration from ancient art, culture and architecture and designs all her pieces in 18K solid gold which is her medium to work with as it is timeless, elegant, recyclable and made to last forever and can pass through generations. Care and attention to detail can be seen in all of her pieces, each one with a unique meaningful story and elements to compliment the wearer and add sparkle and flair to any outfit. 

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    Sylvia Zhang is a award-winning jewellery artist and designer, trained in world's top art school-- Central Saint Martins University of Art and Design, UK. She graduated with a Jewellery Design degree in 2014.  She has also finished her Master's Degree at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD University), Canada.

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