The furs were ethically trapped on a traditional indigenous family trapline in the beautiful Kluane region of the Yukon Territory, Canada. A trapline passed down from generations of strong and resilient trappers protecting the big game and their families from predators. Today the traditional knowledge is passed down to the children with hands on experience on the land. All furs are trapped by indigenous famillies of the Kluane First Nation and are some of the highest quality furs, due to theharsh climate of the north. Tanned by Canadian company, Western Fur Tannery, in Edmonton Alberta, these items are 100% handmade in Canada by Canadians with Canadian fur. They are one of a kind, quality items designed and made with love in Calgary Alberta by Louisette Boudreau with the help of upcoming new designers Shakina and Nadaya Johnson, and Jack Ortsen and Alex Orsten. Some are adorned with beautiful art pieces from Canadian artists Lucy-Anne Carroll, a traditional beading artist from the Yukon , Venessa Jones, a Manitoba traditional visual Artist, Raymonde Degrace, a New Brunswick visual artist and Jeff Orsten, an Alberta visual artist. We all share a passion for collaboration and creating art inspired by nature. We use everything. We care immensely about learning and teaching and we are privileged to bring you some of the best furs for your comfort and connection to the land.

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